Friday, April 22, 2011

A Day at the Park

We met the cousins and the Isaacs at a playground. The kids had a lot of fun.The playground is a big maze where the kids chased each other and played in the sand.

Near the playground is a parked train that the kids can go up on and walk around.
Joel liked the train too.
Mollee and Hannah on the train.
We took a walk down the trail and ended up at a memorial park with a real tank and helicopter.
Veterans Memorial Park.
The kids climbed up on the tank.
Malachi wanted to climb up on the tank too--which is very high off the ground--so Mommy went up with him. Mommy did not like being up that high with an active 3 year old.
There was a flag for each state that circled around the tank and helicopter and 5 stone stars--each one had a military branch carved into it.

Every boy dreams of being a solider--right?
There was a statue honoring a honored solider from our town.
What a nice find!

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