Monday, September 27, 2010

The new baby?

(Thought I might get your attention with the title.)

This is how I found Allie this morning--chewing on Malachi's pacifier. Isn't she the cutest?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

While mom's away....

I went on a retreat with the ladies from church. Jon had the boys to himself for 24 hours. On Saturday the big boys asked Jon if they could paint rocks. Typically, when they paint, they put on old shorts and a take off their shirts. Typically, when they paint, Malachi is asleep.

Jon remembered the part about taking off their shirts, but the part about "old, junky shorts" and doing it when Malachi was asleep, he forgot.

He set the boys to painting outside on the porch and when he came back to check on them, he wasn't too happy to find that Malachi and Ezra decided that it was much easier to paint each other's belly's than rocks.

He had to take a picture to share with Mommy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Luke's Bday

Tonight went to Luke's birthday party. His family gathered at a playground with a large group on family friends. Since it was at a playground, we decided to all go.Gretchen and Jason's crew was there too. A lot of the kids played on the baseball field for a while before dinner. This is Jason pitching balls to Tavis.
Yummy cake.
Need I say more?
And gifts...Luke loves dinosaurs so the boys were thrilled to give him glow in the dark dinosaurs and a dinosaur coloring book.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

More trouble for Elijah

After only two weeks off the Prednisone, Elijah was having obvious sign of trouble again with his Crohn's Disease. Dr. D wanted to do another colonoscopy. So yesterday, he did the clean out. It wasn't as bad as the first time, probably because he knew more what to expect, but it wasn't fun. Thankfully it was on a weekend so that Jon was here to push him when he didn't want to drink another drop.

At the Children's Hospital they let the kids play video games (if they want to) until it is time to "get dizzy."
We were very glad that the doctor did the 2nd colonoscopy because it showed, without a doubt, that his large intestines looked much better. The inflammation and blisters in his large intestines were better, except for the last 15 cm above his bottom. Unfortunately, this means that in addition to his typical Crohn's Disease he has Perianal Crohn's, which according to the doctor is one of the hardest to get into remission.

Dr. D decided to put him on a new medicine to add to his old--a suppository. This will hit the inflamed part with strong medicine right where it is bad. I am not looking forward to this, but Elijah has surprised me with bravery on many occasions since May 15th, maybe he will again.

Elijah got wheeled out after the procedure in a huge wheelchair. I should note that he really likes wearing his Florida Gators stuff and carrying his Gators' bags and dressing his bear in his Gators' jersey when he goes to the hospital, because he gets such a reaction from all the hospital staff. (Of course most of them are UGA or TN Vols fans.)

Football Party!

My brother JR suggested we get all the cousins together for a football game--Lou (his 8 year old son) was dying to play. The date that worked for almost everyone was today. So we made a plan to combine lunch and football with a birthday party for Isaiah and Miles (my brother David's son who will be turning 7 later in September).

The kitchen table was crammed with potential football stars.
Isaiah and Miles each took turns blowing out candles...and opening gifts.Then the game began. (It was blazing hot.)
David and Jon each were the quarterbacks for the different teams (JR --in the orange--was just an advisor). Isaiah's friend Luke and our 2nd cousin, Cullen, joined the game as well.Blocking.Going "long".Getting open.Questionable defensive line tactics.
Scoring touchdowns.
After the game was over we sent the kids to our front yard to play in the sprinklers.
What a day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Today Isaiah turned 7. He took sugar cookies to school to share with his class and Ezra, Malachi and I went to school to eat lunch with him and his brothers. His best friend Luke came over to spend the night. He was more excited about Luke spending the night than his birthday.

Isaiah has a mild sweet tooth and so instead of a cake he wanted Popsicles. It is a little difficult to put a candle in a Popsicle so we just set one on top of the box.Then the boys went on the front porch -- which is our tradition -- to eat the Popsicles.
When they were done with their Popsicles, we gathered in the living room for gifts.
Luke gave Isaiah a marshmallow gun.
Mimi and Papa gave him a yard game -- Ladders.
Mommy and Daddy gave him a dart game that uses Nerf guns.
His brothers gave him a Tennessee Vols jersey and Vols silly bands.
Of course they had to spread out the silly bands to see what they looked like.
After the "party" the kids went downstairs and watched "Astro Boy". They were all tucked in bed and asleep by 9:30. Hope they don't get up too early because they have a big day planned for tomorrow.
Happy birthday Isaiah!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day -- Disc Golf

On Labor Day some of us labored and some played. My sister-in-law Sarah needed help making some pillows for her bedroom, so she offered to bring dinner if I would help her. I was happy to do that -- I'll do anything if someone else cooks.

The Daddies were in charge of keeping the kids busy so they took the oldest boys (including one of Gretchen's) to play Disc Golf at a course near our house. The boys seemed to enjoy it.
Like with golf, you start at a tee and a everyone is throwing to the same "hole". In disc golf, the "hole" is a basket that you are attempting to get your disc into. Tavis starts things off.Jonah takes his turn.
Thomas throws his disc.
Elijah tees off.
Isaiah's turn.
Uncle Philip shows them how it is done.
Some of the baskets are in the woods -- those are fun to find.
This is what the baskets look like.
Jacob and Ezra were more comfortable sitting on the side lines.
After disc golf everyone came to our house for lunch. Then Sarah and I worked on the pillows while the Daddies took the kids to Mama Jo's pool. Apparently it was freezing, so they didn't stay long.

They played for the afternoon, watched a short movie and then we cooked out for dinner. I got the pillows made and hopefully everyone was happy. The boys really enjoyed their time with their cousins. Jon and I enjoyed being with Philip and Sarah too.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cream Soda

Our boys are not used to drinking soda. They only get sodas on special occasions. When the cousins came in August they left some cream soda in the frig. Today we decided to let the boys have the cream sodas as a special treat. They sat on the front porch sipping their sodas for at least 30 minutes.Cheers!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Settling In

The first couple nights, Allie really missed her Mommy and 7 brothers and sisters. She woke up every other hour. We had her sleeping in a big Rubbermaid container so whenever she needed to go to the bathroom she would cry. She we go to the bathroom in the grass as soon as I put her down. She was restless after she came back in and at 4:00 I ended up sleeping in the guest room with her in the bed with me so she would settle down and sleep.

Tuesday night she woke up every 3 hours and Wednesday night every 4 hours. Hopefully she will continue to improve--I am getting very worn out.

At the vet on Tuesday (just stopped by the get her de-worming medicine) they weighed Allie and she weighed 1 pound 15 ounces. She is so small that she could fall right through the banister posts that protect the rest of us from falling over the edge to the downstairs. So we borrow a gate to trap her until she puts on a little weight.Ezra and Malachi took at their toys out of the basket in the living room and turned it into a bed for her. She can get in and out of it by herself. She will play in the little gated area (which she is rescued from on a regular basis) but when she is ready to sleep, she climbs into her bed.Gretchen's kids came over for a little while after school. Mollee and Jonah played with Allie the whole time, the other boys acknowledged her, but were more interested in playing with toys.
Allie is a good climber. She can get up and down the front porch steps and in and out of her little bed. She also got up on the dishwasher with ease.
There are many fights and discussions over "time with Allie". All of the boys want "alone time" with her. She is very playful and she loves the attention the boys give her. Granny loves her too. She is so eager to help with her in anyway. If I have to leave, she checks on Allie every 30 minutes and takes her out and plays with her.

We are really enjoying her.