Saturday, January 30, 2010


Thought I'd share our sleding adventures:

My sister Gretchen and her three oldest, walked down the street and we all walked next door to Mom and Dad's back yard.

After Gretchen and Tavis slid right under the fence, we decided to move to our back yard. Actually it was our neighbor's back yard, but she doesn't mind.
Gretchen on the sled with Daegan, and Tavis and Mollee standing by the tree.
Me with my sisters, Ruth and Gretchen
Jon and Isaiah
Daegan and Ezra always go turned around and headed down hill backwards.Elijah and me
Jon with our boys.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

Like many other days over the past few months, I spent this morning at the doctor. Malachi had been suffering from a low grade fever, stuffy and runny nose and a cough for 10 days and it was time to get him checked. Elijah had had fever the night before and so I had kept him home from school too. Dr. Kevin said it was bronchitis and a sinus infection for Malachi. Another round of antibiotics for him. Elijah had no diagnosable symptoms. Since I had a coupon for a free $10 gift card to Target if we got a prescription filled, we headed to Target.

Since Elijah was home from school and Target was next door to the allergist, we decided the next logical stop was to get Elijah's first allergy shot. He was a trooper. Very brave!!

While at the allergist, I found out that Jon was being sent home from work, the kid's school was closing at 12:30 and that my sister Gretchen was on her way to school to get all of our kids. We knew the snow was coming, but there wasn't a single snow flake falling outside the allergist's office.

By the time we got home from the allergist, it was snowing like crazy. Forty-five minutes later, when Gretchen dropped off the kids, the ground was white.

Jon finished his 1:00 counseling session and headed home. He got home a little after 3pm (he was at the college and it took him 35 minutes to get down the mountain). Jon was supposed to be going on a men's retreat with our church, but finally, around 4pm it too was canceled. I could finally enjoy the snow, knowing all were safe at home and no one was going to leave.

Aunt Ruthie came over (from next door) and helped the boys build 2 snowmen in the front yard. The snow was pouring down and even at times sleet was falling, so slowly one by one, the boys gave up and came in. Ruth and Jonah finished the job.

What a fun Friday afternoon and a great memory for the kids.