Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sword in the Tree

In 3rd grade at CCS, the kids have to do a Book Report Float. They read a book and then have to design a rolling float that depicts a scene from the book. Elijah, who is very creative, had a plan and new exactly what he wanted to do. One night after he had gone to bed, he came upstairs to Jon and I and said he had finished his book and knew what he wanted to do for his float. I told him to draw a picture of it and we would start working on it soon. Ten minutes later he came upstairs with this blueprint.Elijah read "The Sword in the Tree".
So he paper mached a huge tree and then glued a knight hiding his sword in the tree. Meanwhile his mean uncle and his angry friends plotted against him.
I was very proud of his float because he worked so hard on it.

Last year, Jonah used the same cart to do his float. He did a great job too so I thought I would show off his too. He read "The Search for Sunken Treasure". He drew the characters from the book and put a ship above water and the treasure below.
What smart boys I have!!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow day #2!!!!

Snow day #2, was a fun day of play. Everything was still beautiful. This is my parent's house next door.Our house and yard was quite as peaceful since we had 5 creators building snowmen in the front yard.Someone in the neighborhood plowed are road and left a pile of snow in our front yard. This is Malachi standing by the pile.Yes, Malachi was much happier in the snow today.
Even Allie loved the snow (notice her next to Jonah's snowman).
All my boys!
Yes, Jonah and Elijah are not wearing hats and it was below 30.
Jonah built a snow horse.Elijah, Ezra and I made a snowman that was as tall as Ezra.
Isaiah built a snowman he called "Carrot Face."
And Elijah made one too.
Malachi wanted his picture made with Elijah's snowman too.
Isaiah built another snowman.
Ezra was very interested in snowball throwing until he got snowball in the face--then he wasn't so sure that he liked this game. However once we told he that was the price of throwing snowballs, he got over it and kept playing. I was proud of him.

Malachi and Ezra loved throwing those snow balls.
Everyone teamed up on Elijah.

However, Jonah had the right idea and build a fort with a stash of snowballs before he joined the game.
So much fun!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

When I woke up this morning this is what I saw on the deck--lots and lots of snow.
Since all of the forecasters had said that there was a 100% chance of snow, they canceled school last night. So the boys were able to sleep in and enjoy a snow day.
I can't remember it ever looking so white. Even the road was covered. This is the view of our road from our front door. You can't even see the road.
Jonah was the first to venture out at about 9:00am. It was still only 26 degrees outside.
Mom was letting Lizzie out the front door too, so Jonah went over to greet her.
It wasn't long before the brothers joined him outside. I talked to Gretchen and we agreed to let the kids play together after lunch. So after 30 minutes in the snow the boys came in, dried off and waited for lunch. After lunch Jonah, Isaiah and Elijah headed down to Aunt Gretchen's house to play with the cousins.

Tavis, Isaiah, Elijah, Mollee, Daegan and Jonah
Jonah posing with the cousins' snowman.
A friendly snowball fight in their back yard.
Daegan and Isaiah in Gretchen's front yard.
Back at our house, Malachi (who has had fever since Thurs) thought he wanted to try "playing in the snow" but quickly changed his mind.
Ezra loved it and played as long as we let him.
After everyone came in and warmed up--for the last time--we decorated gingerbread cookies.
And then of course ate them with some hot chocolate.

What else do you expect on a snow day?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jon's Ordination

Tonight Jon was ordained as an elder in our church. I am so proud of him. He has wrestled with the decision for 3 years. He wanted to be a focused, shepherding elder and so he kept turning down the offer each year. This year he decided that he would do it.

After going through the training class and meeting with the Session, he was asked to take the role of Elder. He has a true shepherd's heart and I know that God will use him mightily on the Session and in the lives of the people in his Shepherding Group.

All the men joining the Class of 2014 are asked questions and installed together.
Only three of the men were ordained as first time Deacons and Elders. The Elders in the church lay hands on them and pray for them as part of their ordination.