Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ezra's Bday

4 years ago, a little ray of sunshine came into our lives: Ezra Caines Harris

Our first family photo with Ezra.

Ezra first Sunday at church was Easter 2006.

Ezra at 6 months with his 3 big brothers.

As always we celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa's on Sunday after church. Jon's neices, Katie and Sara, had spent the weekend with us and were there for the party as well. Doesn't this look like a happy bunch. A bunch of party animals.
Ezra was very excited to finally get to his big day. He only asked for Lego Star Wars stuff, so he got 3 small Lego Star Wars sets and a "pack" of Clone Wars characters. He also got 4 little GIJoe guys. He was very excited.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Banana Muffins

One of my boy's favorite things is banana muffins. So when bananas get brown and no one wants to eat them I stick them in the freezer. When I have a bunch in the freezer I make banana muffins--yes, yes I do bake (on very rare occassions). So today Ezra and I made 78 banana muffins. We gave a few away (to grandparents) and then I put them in bags of 16 and freeze them. We pull out 1 bag at a time.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Trouble 1 and Trouble 2

If you think Curious George causes a lot of trouble--you should spend a day with Malachi. The only peace we get around here is when they are both asleep.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ezra's Surgery

We got to the hospital this morning at 8:15. Mom took Malachi and Jon took the big boys to school and then went to work. I figured this was the fourth time one of our children had gone for outpatient surgery and I knew what to expect and could handle it by myself.

I have never seen TCT Children's Hospital outpatient surgery area so busy. After about 30 minutes in the waiting room they took us back to a stretcher in the hallway. They said "We will start here and move you to a room as soon as one opens." We did all the prep stuff there in the hall. Two other families were also waiting in the hall on stretchers. (It wasn't really a big deal--so don't think I'm complaining.) Ezra played with his toys and then after an hour they gave him some medicine to drink to make him loopy. It made him relax but he was determined not to fall asleep.
(Ezra playing with Star Wars toys and a whale)
(Ezra playing in the hall by his bed)
(about to go back to surgery)
After they took him to surgery, they put me in a room. At 11:45, Dr. Barnes came to report that he was done. He had removed tons of fluid from his ears and repaired the place where his ear had ruptured a few weeks earlier. He put the tubes in and hopefully they would stay and keep the fluid from building up again (this is his second set of tubes). Dr. Barnes also removed Ezra's adenoids and said they were huge and he was very glad that we had decided to do that too.

Ezra did great. Apart from not wanting the IV in his arm, he bounced back pretty quickly. The nurses were surprised at how alert he was. Dr. Barnes said that adenoid removal recovery is different for all kids. Some are fine by the next day and others it take a week. We will see.

(after surgery in recovery)
Interestingly, after we were discharged we went to the bathroom and when I flushed the toilet, Ezra covered his ears and said "That is too loud." Then when I started the car to leave, the CD he had been listening to on the way to the hospital came on (at the same volume that it was at when we got out of the car) and he shouted "That is too loud!!!" If you don't know, the fluid on his ears was causing him 35% hearing loss. So these to complaints are an answer to prayers.

Thanks to all how prayers.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Elijah's Valentine's Day Journal

Thought I'd share this journal entry of Elijah's.
Translation: Once upon a time it was Valentine's Day. I was going to my Grandma's and I knocked on the door and Cupid came out. I ran for my life.
The picture at the top says, "I don't have a girlfriend!" "Yes you do." "No I don't!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Half Anniversary

Since we were married on August 14, Valentine's Day is our 6 month anniversary.
Let's take a walk down memory lane.

On our homemoon in Camdem, Maine.

On Jonah's first day of church, December 2000.

I was pregnant with Elijah at my brother's wedding in July 2001. (with my Dad)

February, 2003. (a few months pregnant with Isaiah)
Our family Christmas picture in December 2004.

In October of 2005, we visited friends on Lookout Mountain. (I was pregnant with Ezra.)

This was us at Jon's parent's house in May 2007.

November 2007, in Sarasota, FL. (I'm pregnant with Malachi.)

In December of 2008, we went to a fancy dinner at Covenant College.
This is us on our 10th anniversary, this past August 2009.

Happy Valentine's Day

After church we went to Mom and Dad's and had lunch. After lunch we (me and the boys) gave Jon cookies and candy for Valentine's Day and Jon and the boys gave me a rose bush.

The boys made special cards for their grandparents out of the picture above.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

School Carnival

Today, Jon went to the rescheduled church men's retreat (it got canceled the weekend before due to the snow) and I took the boys to the school carnival. It was a lot of chaos and we only did a handful of activities, but somehow they enjoy it.

After going to the Jazzy Jar room and letting each of the school aged kids (Jonah, Elijah and Isaiah) buy more junk disguised as a treasure, we headed to Elijah's classroom. In Elijah's classroom the 3 big boys got to hold bunnies and the two little guys played with a dog.
Then we went to the gym, where there were inflatables. The boys jumped, ran through mazes and hit balls. Then we found cotton candy and slushies.After that Elijah, then Isaiah and then Jonah took turn throwing shaving cream pies at the school President. Jonah hit him smack in the face.We bowled and played some putt-putt -- then we went home.Oh what fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Elijah's 8th Birthday

Thought I take a minute to share a few sweet pictures of Elijah Jackson Harris through the years.
Elijah at 3.Elijah at 4.

Yes, Elijah wore this to the zoo when he was 4.

Jonah and Elijah's first plane ride (2006)

Four brothers on the bed.

Jonah, Elijah (5) and Isaiah in their St. Louis Cardinals hats.

Elijah with the cousins that our his same age.

Three brothers in a tub.

Elijah's birthday celebrations started on Sunday. As is our family tradition, we celebrated his birthday with my family at Grandma and Grandpa's house after "church". Due to the snow storm and early morning ice, church was canceled. But by noon things had warmed up and almost all the cousins were able to make it to his birthday celebration. It was a very Lego birthday. He got two small Star Wars Lego sets and a Bionicle. Even his cake was decorated with Lego Alien Police characters.

He was able to open his gifts from us and the
Grandparents. It was the first time that Elijah was able to celebrate his birthday with both sets of great-grandparents there.

My Grandmother (my Dad's Mom) lives in an apartment attached to our house. My Mom's parents had come down from PA for the month of January to escape the cold and were there for the celebration as well. (Elijah was named after my Mom's parents--Grandma and Grandpa Jackson. It is always special when we have an opportunity to have a picture made with Elijah Jackson Harris and Grandma and Grandpa J.)

On Monday afternoon, Mimi and Papa's gifts arrived. Elijah could not stand waiting to open them. As soon as Daddy walked into the house he was ready to open them. Florida Gators gear for his Build-A-Bear. He was very excited. (Jonah already had Georgia Bulldogs stuff for his BAB dog.)

Today on his real birthday, I sent cookies to school. Then Grandma J and I showed up at lunch with pizza for Elijah (2nd), Jonah (3rd) and Isaiah (K) and their three cousins, Mollee (3rd), Tavis (2nd) and Daegan (K). It was extra special because Grandma J was able to be there and see their school and meet their teachers.

So Elijah had a very happy 8th birthday.