Friday, April 22, 2011

A Day at the Park

We met the cousins and the Isaacs at a playground. The kids had a lot of fun.The playground is a big maze where the kids chased each other and played in the sand.

Near the playground is a parked train that the kids can go up on and walk around.
Joel liked the train too.
Mollee and Hannah on the train.
We took a walk down the trail and ended up at a memorial park with a real tank and helicopter.
Veterans Memorial Park.
The kids climbed up on the tank.
Malachi wanted to climb up on the tank too--which is very high off the ground--so Mommy went up with him. Mommy did not like being up that high with an active 3 year old.
There was a flag for each state that circled around the tank and helicopter and 5 stone stars--each one had a military branch carved into it.

Every boy dreams of being a solider--right?
There was a statue honoring a honored solider from our town.
What a nice find!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Kindergarten Roundup

Today was a big day for Ezra. He got a taste of kindergarten.
The school had a wonderful day of introducing parents and kids to what kindergarten is all about.Ezra was very happy because he got put into a group with his friend Nathan. After a tour around the campus, the kids got to make a picture with different shapes.
Then Mrs. Watts had the kids sing a song about shapes and read a book about shapes.
Then Mrs. Wieldraayer showed the kids a book about shapes in the "real" world. Then they got to have a snack made up all different kinds of shapes.
After a few minutes on the playground and perspective kindergartners got to sample PE with Mr. Salter.
Kicking. Climbing. Hitting. Ezra was as happy as he could be.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yard Work

For Mom's birthday (in October) we gave her an hour of family yard work. We told her that we would all do whatever she needed to improve her yard.What she really wanted was the trees and overgrown brush cut down in the back yard. We live on the edge of the woods, but in time the woods grow and grow and take over the yard. Jon didn't know much about chainsawing, so he asked his friend Eric if he would help.

This is Eric and Jon (in his skin cancer protective hat and long sleeves) cutting up branches from a tree that they chopped down.
I didn't get an pictures of the kids, but they were there.
We cut down tree after tree and drug them to a pile at the edge of the woods. The boys put in a good hour or two and Eric stayed as long as he could. Jon and Isaiah and I worked all afternoon. It was addicting. I love that sort of thing. I way over did it. I could hardly stand by the time we went in for dinner.

We have more to do another day and hopefully we will burn as much as we can before the "burn ban" takes effect in May.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1st grade chapel

There is nothing Isaiah loves more than being on stage...just kidding. Today the 1st grade did their chapel at school and I thought Isaiah might throw up. He made it though.You can see his excitement as they told the story of Daniel and the lion's den and talked about trusting God when we are afraid.
What scares us to death makes us stronger, right?
Good job Isaiah (and Daegan).