Monday, February 28, 2011

Ezra's 5 year old birthday party

Today Ezra turned 5. This morning he had a few boys over for a play date.

Pictured below: Christopher, Ezra, Malachi, Nathan and Mac
The boys played for a while and then Ezra opened a few presents.
Of course, we had cake.
He had a great time (except that he missed his best friend, Josh, who came down with fever and couldn't make it). It was fun to have this special day for my big 5 year old.
Happy Birthday Ezra!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Since my sister, Ruth, just got back from a year in Africa, so we decided to combine a celebration of Grandpa's (my dad) and Ezra's birthdays and her homecoming. Everyone came to Mom's house for dinner after church today.

My parent's table seats 24 and we sure fill it.
The oldest and the youngest sit in the dining room.
Some of the boy cousins get banished to the kitchen.
Need I say more?
After dinner we celebrated the birthdays. Ezra wanted to have party hats.
Ezra blew out his "5" and Grandpa blew out his "64".
Together, of course.
Then they opened presents (see Aunt Ruthie in the background?).
Grandma and Grandpa gave Ezra some Imaginext batman toys.
We gave Grandpa some cards and sugar free Bubble Gum (he loves bubble gum but he is diabetic).
Lots of fun and lots of interest in his gifts.
Ezra also opened his gifts from us -- an Imaginext rescue hero -- and from Mimi and Papa -- an Imaginext Green Lantern jet. He also got a card from Granny with a "gift" inside.

We all had a very fun day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


After a lot of delays and a lot of prayer, Elijah started Remicaide today. Remicaide is an IV infused drug that Elijah will eventually get every 6 weeks, but at first it will be 2 weeks and then 4 weeks. The whole process take 4 hours but he actually has the IV for about 2 1/2.He was so brave and just faced the whole thing without hesitation. So many people are praying for him and I know that he felt (and I felt) all their prayers. God is faithful to give us the strength to deal with the challenges He brings.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who's dog is that anyway?

When we decided to get a dog, it wasn't Jon's idea. He wasn't really the one that wanted a dog, it was me and the kids that really wanted a dog. But why is it that I find him like this...and this...
if he doesn't want a dog. Need I say more?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today I went to chapel at school. The 4th grade was doing chapel. Jonah (right in the middle of the picture) didn't have a "starring" role but the whole class sang and talked about ways in which God "has a plan" even though we don't always see it.
Elijah also got a reading award today. He really loves reading and when he puts his mind to it can go through a book a day.
I am glad I was able to share the day with the kids.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

School Carnival

Today was the School Carnival. It is always the first weekend in February and always a super huge deal to the kids.

The little guys love the games.
Here is Ezra throwing balls at floating beach balls.
Malachi's turn.
Ezra and Malachi rolling balls into holes.
And Ezra competing to blow the biggest bubble with a straw in soapy water.
Jonah is mainly interested in the sweets. How many slushies and cotton candies and pixie sticks can he get before Mommy complains.
Besides Jazzy Jars, Elijah loves to get to the "animal" section. He loves holding the bunnies.
Isaiah (some how I didn't get any pictures of him) runs around with his friends and enjoys the inflatables and the games.

Everyone loves the opportunity to throw pies at the teachers. Ezra failed at his attempt to throw a pie in Mr. Bacon's face--but it was fun trying.
By the end, Mommy and Daddy are happy to be done and on our way home, and the boys are so thrilled to have had the day of fun!

One more party

Of course you know by now, that our family tradition is to celebrate our birthdays at Grandma and Grandpa's house with as cousins as can make it after church on Sunday afternoon.Always lots of help blowing out the candles.
And always gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and Granny.
Gma and Gpa gave him another Lego Star wars set and a Star Wars book.
Granny always gives a card with a "gift" inside.
Elijah was very happy to get both. Elijah's "love language" is gifts. He loves giving and receiving. He loves birthdays!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Elijah's tragic slumber party

For a month, Elijah planned to have two boys spend the night for his birthday: two friends, Chase M and Chase Mc. The first tragedy struck when Chase M's mom called on Thursday to say that he had been running fever for 3 days and couldn't make it to the slumber party. Elijah was very upset. We called another friend to come instead, but he couldn't. Elijah would have to settle for a sleep over instead of a slumber party.
His friend Chase Mc came home with us from school. We had a pizza dinner and then opened gifts. Chase gave Elijah a Lego set and a Bionicle--right up his alley.
He also opened his gift from Mimi and Papa, which was a Lego X-wing fighter with 6 mini-figures.
Elijah then opened the gift from us.
Another Star Wars Lego set.
Of course, after the presents we did cake.
The watched "Star Wars Episode 1". The second tragic event happen when Chase came up stairs at 9:15 and said that he wanted me to call his mom so he could go home. Chase's mom picked him up 30 minutes later and Elijah was so upset. He cried and cried because he has anticipated having a slumber party for his birthday and now he was going to bed alone (with just his brothers).

Poor Elijah! Oh the heartache!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Elijah turns 9

Today Elijah turned 9. Since he is planning to celebrateAlign Center his birthday "officially" tomorrow and Sunday. He only wanted to open two presents tonight. After everyone got ready for bed he opened his two gifts.
His brothers gave him a Hero Factory Bionicle.
And we got his Star Wars Episode I for him to watch with his friends.
Of course you have to put Bionicles together right away.
Let the parties begin!